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Start off the School Year on the Right Foot

Starting the new school year can be challenging and stressful for the whole family. New teachers sometimes a new school or a new schedule. There is a lot to take in the first couple of weeks. Don’t let the new school year overwhelm you, we’re here to help! Below are some do’s and dont’s to help your child excel this school year.

  • Get to know your child’s teacher. Introduce yourself to your child’s teacher. Let them know you support them and all they do for your child. This makes it easier to ask a question or address a concern later in the year.
  • Create a structured time and place for homework. Have a specific place and time for your child to do homework away from distractions. Also, be sure to turn off electronic gadgets and televisions. This simple practice will help your child develop time management skills, which are vital for college.
  • Help your child get organized. At the beginning of the year, designate a place where your child will put their shoes, backpacks, supplies, and lunchbox. Keeping things organized will help your child find what he needs right away. Remind your child to put homework in his backpack (that is by the door) the night before. This will make your morning routine much easier!
  • Develop family reading habits. Read with your child for 20 minutes every night. Reading together will help improve your child’s reading and cognitive abilities. Our bilingual books help develop reading skills in both English and Spanish. The ability to speak two languages fluently is an important skill for the future when young adults graduate and start working.
  • Foster a love of reading. As a parent, you are your child's first teacher. Read Conmigo is committed to providing you with free bilingual resources that can help you foster this love. Take the next step in your child’s growth by downloading our online library of free bilingual eBooks.

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