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2019 Bilingual Educator of the Year – Florida

Libia Medellin

Libia Medellin was named the 2019 Read Conmigo Bilingual Educator of the Year in Florida. Ms. Medellin, a first-grade, dual-language teacher at Norma Butler Bossard Elementary School in Miami, was nominated by a parent of one of her students. “My son refused to speak Spanish, although it was the first language he learned being taken care of by his great-grandmother, until Ms. Medellin instilled in him a love for the language. One day he came home asking me if we could speak Spanish for the day. I was in shock at first, but then so elated! I asked him why he wanted to speak Spanish, and his response was 'so my teacher can be proud of me, and so she can see that I am learning everything she is teaching me!' I am thankful to Ms. Medellin for paving the way to a bright future as a truly bilingual student! She is very deserving of the Bilingual Educator Award!”

Ms. Medellin’s passion for teaching was fueled by her mother and grandmother, who were both teachers in Bogota, Colombia, where Ms. Medellin was born. There she attended Instituto Pedagogico Nacional and graduated as a teacher. She worked as a teacher for ten years and graduated from law school at Santo Tomas de Aquino. Shortly after, Ms. Medellin moved to Miami and started working for Miami-Dade County public schools in 1996. “I really enjoy working with kids and helping them grow to be better students and to be good citizens,” Ms. Medellin says.

What she loves most about her job is seeing the progress the kids make from the beginning to the end of the school year. “The feeling of accomplishment in seeing the students grow in knowledge, confidence, and skills is truly gratifying,” Ms. Medellin says.

Read Conmigo is proud to recognize Ms. Medellin and we wish her even greater success as she continues her teaching career.