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Tips for Protecting Your Child’s Eyes

featuring: Kara Mondino, UCLA Mobile Eye Clinic

Episode 9: Tips for Protecting Your Child’s Eyes featuring Kara Mondino, UCLA Mobile Eye Clinic

Ensuring kids have good vision is key for their physical development and academic success. This week we are interviewing Kara Mondino, Program Coordinator for the UCLA Mobile Eye Clinic, to talk about the importance of getting your child’s vision screened ever year. The UCLA Mobile Eye Clinic is committed to help improve eye health for young, underserved children by identifying, treating, and preventing vision disorders.

In this episode, Kara also shares some signs to look for to determine if your child is having eye problems, whether screen time is affecting their vision, and why it was important for her to partner with Read Conmigo to publish a children’s book about eye care. Kara has worked in the nonprofit field for over 10 years and is passionate about influencing positive social change.

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